Kitchenway- Gas Griddle, Commercial Use, Stainless Steel

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Gas Griddle, Commercial Use.

American Brand: Kitchenway

The Gas Fryer Kitchenway is ideal for preparing hamburgers, eggs, sausages, steaks, sausages, hot dogs, etc. Manufactured entirely of stainless steel, it has a powerful burner that guarantees optimal heat and automatic ignition, has impeccable finish and with joints in TIG welding, rear opening that allows a correct ventilation to keep the fire permanent and chimney to evacuate gases, also has a side oil vent slot.

Technical characteristics:

Brand Kitchenway
Tecnology American
Gas glp/natural
Power 11 KW
Net weight
Gross weight
Empaque Carton 
Team Size
610*560*400 mm
Packaging Size
  690*620*500 mm
Material Stainless Steel
Color silver
Temperature 50~300℃
Type of valve
Low pressure valve


1. Stainless steel construction. 2. Protection device against accidental flame failure. 3. Quick start-up of the cooking temperature. 4. High output for occupied kitchens.