Kitchenway- Electric Oven Automatic, Commercial Use, Stainless Steel and Thermostate

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Commercial Electric Oven.

 American Brand: Kitchenway.

If you are looking for the best in American Technology, today we present our KitchenWay commercial electric oven, it is a sophisticated and resistant equipment; It has efficient heating system and you can control the temperature at will, in this oven you can place about 30 times the bread (diameter 9 ~ 10 cm). Your oven can bake everything from cakes, breads, pizzas, muffins, empanadas and so much more. The body is made of stainless steel, it has internal lighting that allows to manage the cooking process; It has an excess temperature with protective thermostat, safe to use. Observation window is tempered glass and easy to use.

Technical characteristics:

Brand Kitchenway
Technology American


Control manual control
Service OEM
Temperature 50~300℃
Voltage 220V
Material   Stainles Steel
Temperature control Thermostate

Power  3 KWatts